PHOTOGRAPHS FROM A FAN BOYS CAMERA........................................Ryan Quast, September 2003

A photo-conceptualist project by Ryan Quast
In conjunction with SWARM IV

Opening Friday September 5th 2003
Curated by Colleen Heslin

Photographs From a Fan Boy’s Camera is a paparazzi view of the Vancouver photo conceptualist Boys School.  Emerging Vancouver artist Ryan Quast forms a parody on internationally recognized yet regionally inconspicuous artists Jeff Wall, Stan Douglas and Rodney Graham by following the personal lives of these public personas and photographing their monotonous habits and urban sightings. This installation of commonplace snapshots looks at the formal accessibility between high and lowbrow culture. Photographs From a Fan Boy’s Camera unveils the superstar as common, converging lines between public and private associated with fame and the relativity of fame.

map, Jeff Wall and Rodney Graham
installation overview
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