EGO SPERO EGO SUBOLESCO PROVECTUS ANTEQUAM EGO ABEO (i hope i grow old before I die) Nyla Raney 2003

Ego Spero Ego Subolesco Provectus Antequam Ego Abeo
(I hope I grow old before I die)

new work and installation by Nyla Raney
opening May 16th 2003

Curated by Colleen Heslin

The Crying Room is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of recent work by Nyla Raney.  Ego Spero Ego Subolesco Provectus Antequam Ego Abeo (I hope I grow old before I die), is a large body of drawing, painting and sketches by Raney that investigates the relationship between people in modern civilization and the environments that we live within and on, natural and synthetic.  The title of the exhibition references the passage of time and brings into question the sustainability of modern life, suggesting towards chance and choice in relation to what the future holds.

Raney’s work is both loose and sophisticated, creating an interesting tension stylistically and conceptually, ranging between simple sketches and basic ideas to a greater investigation with complex layering of marks and symbols.  The imagery that appears in Raney’s work focuses on people, animals, nature and architecture and the games, riddles and contingencies of life’s “natural” direction.

Within this exhibition Raney explores the elderly, and youth as subjects looking at natural rhythms and the cycles of all life.  The icons that Raney uses to represent nature are domestic grass, groomed bushes and natural poisons that inversely illustrates human relations to, and impacts on nature.  As well, Raney suggests that nature exists as a series of natural cycles of growth, life, and destruction – renewed life.  This points to human “responsibility” for sustaining nature, or our freedom to exaggerate the cycle of creation and destruction through power and technology.

Between the dichotomies of natural and modern life Raney uses symbols such as arrows, Morse code, riddles and dominos to describe the spiral-like nature, and multiplicity of life opposed to a simplified linear structure.  This raises more questions than it attempts to answer, and functions, as a refreshing reminder that the future is not set in stone, that what is probable is not always definite.

Raney is an emerging artist who currently lives and works in Penticton, British Columbia.

The Crying Room is an independent artist run Centre that has been exhibiting emerging artists locally and nationally since 1999.

Colleen Heslin 2003

Nyla Raney
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