A MEMO FROM THE DESK OF JARED SCHIMNOSKY............................Jared Schimnosky, September 2007

A Memo from the Desk of Jared Schimnosky
Jared Schimnosky

Curated by Colleen Heslin & Lisa Cinar
From the private collection of Brennen Parkin


Press Release:
An ardent supporter of the art community for over 62 years Professor Schimnosky has dedicated his life’s work to developing a holistic ontology of being. In this show Jared Schimnosky once again explores the role of the material in facilitating non-local communication. Through the delivery of a plethora of visual, written and oral messages Schimnosky draws on an ontology of Marxian dialectics to gain insight into the development of symbolic attachments to the material.  These provoke antithetical emotional signifiers thereby propagating a spiraling plunge into the abyss of sludge that is human relations.

Schimnosky began his art practice after years of prodding by his longtime friend and colleague Rabo Karabekian. A short interlude at the Alberta college of art and design and years of banal existence in the depths of a corporate law firm set him on track to develop a serendipitous art practice.  He has recently relocated to Vancouver, Canada.

title wall
one million dollar check detail
one million dollar check, west wall
east wall
east wall detail
holy potato and cd's
application form for application, miscellanious lawfirm papers
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