ALONE AT THE WORRY HUT SOCIAL CLUB.....................................Fghting & Rocamm, August 2004

Alone at the Worry Hut Social Club
Adventures in hand-painted type by:
Rocamm & Fighting

"I don't speak body language"
"We just hit a wall"
"I'm Fine"
"It just might/didn't work out"
"Must be Me not You"
"Things Change"

Opening Friday July 23rd, 2004  9-12                        
Until August 1, 2004 (sat & sun 12-5)                       

The Crying Room is pleased to present "Alone at the Worry Hut Social Club", a collaborative installation of recent work by Rocamm and Fighting.  This installation explores various styles of typography through hand-painted slogans on 2d and 3d forms.  The overall style is a marriage of traditional design, skateboarding and graffiti culture, incorporating contemporary art and cultural theory.

The slogans within this installation have self-reflexive qualities that vary from abrupt insights, to downplaying and easing out tensions present in day-to-day life.

Curated by Colleen Heslin 


east wall
west wall (detail)
title wall
independant installation by Fighting and Rocamm, Vancouver BC, 2004
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