FREELUCK..................................................................Elizabeth Zvonar, May 2002

Free Luck

New work by Elizabeth Zvonar
Opening Friday May 2, 2003

Curated by Colleen Heslin
Essay by Marc Soo

A work can never look forward, It is always here and now.
Fabrice Hybert

Elizabeth Zvonar’s installations are like different worlds.  They engage us with their concentrated colours, forms and liberties and transform the then-and-there with an air we know dimply could not exist.  Zvonar’s work is composed of performance and document, merchandise and discarded surplus material.  It is the fictional and carnivalesque retail of  ‘luck’, the idea of giving and giving into the unknowable and unknown by overcoming the ordinariness of these processes.  Allowing the audience to take a souvenir home, Zvonar complicates our already incongruous exchange between commerce, art and the belief in the absence of design when we remember we bought some ‘luck for a buck”.

Elizabeth Zvonar draws and makes large-scale dioramas, installation works and self-publishes small books and catalogues.  She has studied at the Hokkaido College of Art & Design, Japan and she received her BFA from Emily Carr Institute.  Past shows include Fill All the Cracks 536 Gallery, SWARM The Crying Room; Mis_space Douglas Udell Gallery; Spacemonkeys on Mars; a condensed version, Emily Carr Institute, Good Things Come in Red Plastic The Helen Pitt Gallery, Secalp The Crying Room.  Elizabeth Zvonar currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC.
Marc Soo 2002

Elizabeth Zvonar, title wall, 2002
Elizabeth Zvonar, consumer response card, 2002
WHAT DID YOU EXPECT FOR A BUCK? Elizabeth Zvonar, merchandise wall, 2002
I GOT MORE THAN I EXPECTED! Elizabeth Zvonar, soft sculpture wall, 2002
Elizabeth Zvonar, soft sculpture wall (detail), 2002
Elizabeth Zvonar, merchandise wall (detail), 2002
Elizabeth Zvonar, merchandise wall (detail), 2002
Elizabeth Zvonar, FREELUCK tag, 2002
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