Band-aid................a group exhibition of 14 local artists interpreting Band-aid, September 2001

a group exhibition of 14 local
emerging artists interpretaion of the Band-aid

in conjunction with SWARM II

Ali Lohan
Bilina Vallcova
Colleen Heslin
Devon Gifford
Elizabeth Zvonar
Emma Howes
Jaret Penner
Jason McLean
Jessica Eaton
Lee Hutzulak
Marc Bell
Nyla Raney
Sam McMillan
Steven Horwood

Opening September 7, 2001
Curated by Colleen Heslin

Jaret Penner, Steven Horwood, Colleen Heslin(left to right), 2001
Emma Howes, 2001
Nyla Raney, 2001
Devon Gifford (l), Marc Bell(r), 2001
Elizabeth Zvonar (l), Ali Lohan (r), 2001
Jessica Eaton, Jason McLean, Sam McMillan, Lee Hutzulak (right to left), 2001
Sam McMillan, 2001
Jason McLean, 2001
Lee Hutzulak 2001
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