The Invisible University..................................Thomas Anfield and Grad Muirhead, May 2001

The Invisible University is an attempt at creating a truly collaborative performance piece that breaks out of the usual format of collaborations that assign each participant with a role that follows their traditional discipline i.e. Painters paint, dancers dance, musicians play by crating the piece with equal input from all participants at all stages. While this piece was crated as a duo it is our hope to expand the format in the future to include other participants who will give shape and form to the final project. It is our wish to create opportunities for the participants to cross boundaries and work outside of their traditional disciplines as we believe that training on one field does have influence in others.

The invisible university refers to the place within ourselves where we reach our unconscious information. In Qi gong it is the original energy or cosmic consciousness, Jung referred to it as the collective unconscious, the Australians call it the dreamtime. We experience it everyday as hunches feelings, intuition, insight. How did the ancients Know of the structure of the universe or atomic theory and often with startling accuracy?

Brad Muirhead is the leader of the bands Brass Roots and Primal Orbit as well as a feature performer with Veji the Vancouver Ensemble of Jazz Improvisation and the Hard Rubber Orchestra.

Thomas Anfield is a visual artist and performer.

Performances on May 26th & 27th @ 8pm, 2001 @ The Crying Room