Jenn Jackson, Pony Board, August 2014

Mural Project

January Sasha Krieger, March Alex Stursberg, April Brennan Kelly, July Mark Delong, Jenn Jackson August, September Peter Gazendam, October Barb Choit, November Sydney Hart

January Jenny G, February Kalli Anne Niedoba, March Mike Rattray, April Maggie Boyd, May Patrick Cruz, June Maya Beaudry,July Hyung Min Yoon, August Vanessa Brown, September Tommy Ting, October Lucy Chan (Collaboration Project), November Michael Jones, December Anna Marie Repstock

Olivia Dunba, Ella Morton, Alex Heilbron, Coup L'etat, Devon Knowles, Lesley Anderson, Jenn Jackson, Adam Dodd, Kevin Day, Matt Aiken, sophia bartholomew, Barry Doupé

2011 The Writing on the Wall A 22 week public art text-based project
Les Ramsay, Angus Ferguson, Carey Ann Schaefer, Aaron Carpenter, Graham Landin, Christy Nyiri,
Jen Weih, Kim Kennedy Austin, Kevin Schmidt, Ron Tran,Sylvain Sailly, Lee Henderson, Alex Morrison, Anne Low, Andrea Nunes,Jody Zinner and Steve Wiseman, Kurtis Wilson & Alex Heilbron, Nicole + Ryan, Marilyne Blais & Kate Moss, Fabiola Carranza, Colleen Heslin, Instant Coffee

The Crying Room is an independent gallery space in Vancouver that exhibits local emerging artists since 1999. Mural submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.

The Crying Room Projects, Vancouver BC
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